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Campsite Gear Essentials – Best Items to Bring Camping

So you’ve decided that you want to go camping. You want to make this trip one to remember. However, there is one problem. You do not know what items to bring to make an epic camp site. Camping is hard work, and it takes a lot of planning. Rustic Freedom wants to make this process easier for everyone that wants to be a part of it. Below is a list of essential items you need in order to have an A+ campsite. This article will cover all the essential needs, from frying pans down to underwear. These items are must haves in order to maximize your camping adventure. These items fall under five (5) different categories: campsite gear, kitchen, clothes, personal items, and accessories.

Campsite Gear

TentsImage result for coleman instant cabin

Tent Footprint (ground cover for under your tent)

Sleeping Bags

Camping Pillows

BlanketsWaterproof Outdoor Blanket For Beach, Backyard or the Back Country. Perfect Rainfly or Tarp (XL 60" x 90") The Ideal Camping and Hiking Accessories Includes Durable Metal Stakes and Attached Stuff Bag


Headlamps and Flashlights (remember to bring extra batteries!)PETZL - TIKKINA Headlamp, 150 Lumens, Standard Lighting, Black

Kitchen Supplies


Matches and LighterBucky Fire Starters (Qty: 12) "Best Fire Starter on the Planet!" Also Works Great w/ a Charcoal Chimney & Environmentally Friendly

Frying Pans

Portable Coffee Maker

Roasting Sticks/Utensils

Food-storage Containers/Water Containers


Coleman Steel-Belted Portable Cooler, 54 Quart, Olive Green - 3000003096YETI Tundra 45 Cooler (White)


Dining Utensils

Cups and Mugs


Other Tips to Consider

When you are planning a camping trip, be sure to invite friends. Camping is an activity that you certainly do not want to do alone! Be sure to use this checklist above to prepare your gear. You do not necessarily need all of the items on this list to have a successful camping trip. Take what you need for the trip, but not too many additional items because space is limited when traveling.

Food is also a crucial element of a camping trip. Grub was not mentioned on this list, but a good tip would be to plan out each meal and snacks a head of time. The last thing you would want to happen is to run out of food. Water is also essential for hydration purposes. A good plan would be to have a gallon of water per day per person. Or, when selecting a camp ground, ensure that there fresh water available to all campers.




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