How to wax your skis and snowboard

Why You Need to Wax Your Skis or Snowboard

Do you want to go fast? Do you want to be able to fly down the mountain? Well there is one thing In common between skiers and snowboarders. You need to wax your skis and snowboards. This article will cover the benefits of getting a fresh wax. It helps not only for speed but also for  a better quality ride. Another benefit is, it will help extend the life of your Skis and Snowboards ultimately saving you money.

What are the Benefits of Waxing Skis and Snowboards?

No matter what you are riding most Snowboards and Skis are typically made of the same plastic base material on the bottom. A fresh coat of wax allows you to glide over the snow repelling the melting snow.  When you ride on the snow the snow melts creating water droplets that slow you down. By having wax on your Skis or Snowboard it creates a Hydrophobic atmosphere keeping the water away like wax on a car! This allows you to go faster down the hill and gives added control to your cuts and turns.

Another benefit of waxing is protection from the snow itself. If you ride in ski and snowboard areas where it is mostly or entirely artificial snow it is made with chemicals. These chemicals allow for ski resorts to make snow in warmer and less suitable conditions than natural snow. While they are great for the slopes they are not so great for your equipment. These chemicals can harm your skis and snowboards. By having a good wax, you also repel these chemicals that could eat away at the base and destroy it! Keeping your equipment well maintained will help extend the life of your Skis or Snowboards.

How Often Should I Wax my Skis or Snowboard?

The easy answer to this is that you can never wax your equipment too much. The more frequently you hit the slopes the more frequently you will have to wax . I typically only get mine waxed once a year at the beginning of the season and once at the end to keep them nice for storage over the summer.

how to wax your skis or snowboardsHowever, I have friends that get a wax done 5 times a year. It all comes down to preference and how often you hit the slopes.

For example, if you are only going 5 times a year it doesn’t make sense to drop your stuff off at the shop every week. But if you are going everyday then you might need an additional wax before the season is over.

You can also judge when you need a new wax based on the following:

  • If it feels like the snow is sticking to your skis or board and slowing, then it might be time.
  • When  you are riding in powder more than groomed, you may need to re-wax again quicker because powder wears away your wax faster.
  • Looking at the bottom of your Skis or Snowboard and it looks like there is a gray residue this means the wax is wearing away.

You can use a hand wax in between a hot wax to help fix these problems. The hand wax isn’t as quality as a hot wax and will not last nearly as long. There are plenty of “Rub on” products that can be found online to use. I would recommend Super Hot sauce all temperature rub on wax  if you want to get some.

Should I Take My Skis to Get Tuned by a Professional?

Now that you know about the great benefits of a fresh wax you might think it’s easy to just do it yourself. However, it can be harder than you think. I’d be lying if I told you my friends and I didn’t try waxing our skis and boards by ourselves. Before we could drive we thought we could save some money by trying it on our own when we first started going to the mountains regularly. We were ill advised and had no idea what we were doing. After we went through a bunch of candles and my mom’s favorite iron…. Oops. We realized it was better to leave it to the Pros

Powder sking

You might be able to do it yourself but taking it to a professional will save you a lot of hassle and will just flat out have better results. Wax Professionals have top quality products and know exactly what to do, that’s why they are the professionals! At a shop they will give you a top of the line hot wax that is hard to get while doing it at home. They can also provide a sharpening service and stone grind smooth for the bottom. This will fix any cut or gouge from a rock that you may have hit last season if it is needed.

I would recommend allowing them to do this to your base because it will help with a smoother ride and better application of the wax. Typically, the earlier you bring them to your local shop the cheaper and the faster you will get them back. If you wait until the last minute any good shop will be swamped and might not get your equipment back to you before the season starts.

Final Thoughts

The most important thing is to make sure your equipment is getting waxed properly. Whatever you use whether it be hand wax or a hot wax it will greatly improve your experience on the slopes. Another key point I mentioned is the fact that it will protect your ride. You won’t realize how corrosive that artificial snow can be until it’s too late!

There are so many good reasons to get that sick wax you may not have known you needed. You only learn through your experiences . I’m here to help you learn through my experiences, so you don’t have to make the mistakes I had and learn the hard way. I hope this article was able to provide you with the knowledge and confidence you need to enhance your mountain experience. I wish you the best of luck on the slopes and remember to tell your friends why you’re always the first one to the bottom.

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