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Is it Safe to go Skiing on Your Own?

When I was growing up and learning how to ski I was always told to never go alone because it can be dangerous. I understand that skiing is a naturally dangerous sport and you need to be careful. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t go by yourself. When you are a young skier it can be especially dangerous which is why I was probably told to never go alone. As you get more experienced on the slopes, however, it will be less dangerous and feel more comfortable being on your own. As long as you are on a mountain and an area that has consistent riders you will be able to get help if you are injured or need any assistance.

When you are on your own you will want to ski differently than you normally do when you are with a group or partner. While going with your friends or family you have people there to offer you support and help if you get injured.

Depending on where you are going it definitely has a determining factor of how safe it is for you to go alone. For example, if you are going to ski at a large mountain in Colorado or Vermont. I would advise staying near people at all times. These mountains have hundreds and some have thousands of skiable acres for you to explore. You don’t want to get hurt and not have anyone nearby to come and help you.

However, if you are on a small mountain on the east coast that only has a handful of trails you can do anything you like with no risks. These mountains will have people on them all the time allowing for a risk-free experience.

What are the Benefits of Skiing and Snowboarding Alone?

Ski lift alone, Solo skiing

More Trips Down the Mountain

If you go riding on your own you will absolutely get more runs in. Especially if you are skiing you won’t have to wait for your snowboard friends to tighten up after every run. It’s also just easier sitting on the lift without snowboards. They take up all the space making it harder to sit with a full lift.

This may be biased coming from a skier’s perspective. It won’t matter too much by yourself because you’ll be with random people on the ride up anyway.


Having independence for your day on the slopes is something you can’t have when going with a group. Going solo allows you to do what you want when you want to do it. You can go as fast or as slow as you want. You can hit whatever trails you want to hit. No debating to go left or right or making sure everyone is going the same way. Another perk is that when you get tired you can take a breather or go grab food in the lodge without holding anyone back and feeling guilty. This really allows you to enjoy your day and do as you like.

Singles Linenew friends, skiing alone

One benefit of going alone is avoiding long lift lines at the bottom of the slopes. The singles line at most mountains allows for a streamlined access to the front cutting your wait by huge amounts.

Now that you are by yourself there is no one holding you back from getting in the singles line and getting back to the top quicker. This also helps you learn much more about riding because you’re getting more practice.

Meet New People

If you are an outgoing person this is a great way to meet new people and make new friends. I know I love talking to people and socializing when I’m on the slopes. everyone is there to have a good time. Even if you aren’t naturally drawn to talking to new people it’s an easy icebreaker being on the same lift together. They won’t bite, at least I hope not, just say hello!

What are the Dangers of Skiing and Snowboarding Alone?

Skiing Alone Can be Boring

The one big downside to going alone is actually being alone. Some people can tolerate doing things by themselves more than others. I know that for myself it doesn’t bother me as much going alone but it can be boring for others. There wont always be someone to go with so if you want to hit the slopes sometimes you will have to go by yourself or not go at all.

Limiting Your Terrain

Like I mentioned earlier in the article it won’t be as safe to hit all trails by yourself. This is a disadvantage because you may not be able to push yourself and try the hardest runs you would like. Certain wooded trails specifically where you could be the only one going on it at the time. This also goes for the terrain park runs. You always want to be safe when hitting the park but the most dangerous part of the mountain becomes even more dangerous when you’re by yourself. Most of the injuries on the slopes occur from the terrain areas. It would be smart if you didn’t try your hardest tricks when you were by yourself. This is precautionary however most rails and jumps are near active spots on the mountain with frequent traffic so this can be up to you for how you feel with your skills.

My Opinion

Overall in my opinion skiing by yourself is something great to try. The pros outweigh the cons as long as you don’t mind being on your own. It’s also great to learn to have fun on your own because like I said earlier you won’t always have someone there with you and shouldn’t have to wait to have fun. Just make a playlist put on some tunes and crush some runs. It’s a great way to go out and enjoy a day by yourself and have a great time.

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